“The light shines in the dark, and the dark has never extinguished it.”

Welcome to Candlegrove Media Group, a collective of news organizations that cover important events, in-depth, thoughtfully,  fairly, responsibly and in a truly balanced way. Our national media in danger of losing touch with the people. We need to restore faith in the news, strength in our words, and trust in our facts.

There came a day unlike any other, when our country’s journalists, writers, and news purveyors found themselves united against a common threat: darkness and falsehood. On that day, Candle Grove was born—to shine the light on the truth in a way no single new source could.


One of the biggest paradigm shifts in our society and how it obtains information this century is moving from journalism to media. What that means is we now consume a much wider variety of information distribution channels in 2018 than previous generations, and the accuracy, strength, and power of that information no longer fits the mold of old-school journalism.

This shift is buttressed by technology that places information conveniently at our fingertips, easy to access, easy to consume and insidiously easy to trust. In a mass media age that has crowdsourced social platforms bringing events as they happen to people and bypassing an editorial structure entirely, the world of journalism and its tenets are dinosaurs.

According to the Pew Research Center, the most trusted media outlets in the United States are British publications – The Economist and the BBC. Americans no longer trust their journalism institutions. Hold foreign news companies up as a standard worthy of trust, and then consume mass amounts of information willingly from sources that have no ethos of integrity or truth in reporting.

The basics of how to report are lost in the shuffle of posting things for people to consume. The light of truth is dimmed under the weight of a mountain of unvetted rumor, opinion, agenda, and bias.

That ends here. Candle Grove Media Group is determined to fix what ails the American system of media. Regaining trust with the public by utilizing a refreshing 6 point plan of rebirth. Candle Grove Media Group provides news you can trust, shining the light of truth in the darkness of today’s fake news fueled landscape.


These are the media properties that all fall under the Candle Grove Media Group empire:


Five thousand years of human history – maybe more – have enfolded each passing season in the rich garb of wisdom, adorned with many layers of celebration, folklore, and tradition. But at the heart of each tale, there has always been a core truth. Here’s where you get to unwrap the gift of truth. Following in the long tradition of humanity, Candlegrove Media Group seeks to shine a light into darkness, bringing the gift of truth out into the open for all to see.

Pure, provocative and insightful, the goal of our organization is to break the boundaries of conditioned thinking and set the truth free. Media has always had a responsibility to be a source of fact and a reliable record of true events. Candle Grove is founded on that tradition and has created a variety of media channels to bring that information to you.